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Japanese Spirit 1 copy by 80jumpo Japanese Spirit 1 copy :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 0 0
Greece X Reader: Always Sleeping
He was always sleeping, wasn't he?
As you put down the books that you had carried from the other room, you see that, once again, he's spralled out in the middle of the floor, fast asleep. One of his arms was under his head; the other was resting on one of the many kittens in the house, which was also sleeping.
"Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen you sleep in a bed."
You lean against the wall. Working as his assistant was never easy. He never cared about the time, or meetings, or anything at all, really. He just relaxed. And it was your job to keep him in check.
A small chuckle escapes you lips. The way he was so relaxed, so calm about everything, was also why you liked working with him. If you missed a deadline, or made a mistake, or said something stupid to him or someone else, he would say that there was nothing to worry about. Everything can be fixed, or at least patched, and there is no sense worrying about things that cannot be changed.
You kneel down next to him. Two more cat
:icon80jumpo:80jumpo 3 3
At last the time's come
for the last lines to be said,
To take our final bows.
Though there is joy and laughter,
there is also some regret.
We have laughed, cried, danced,
paused, gasped, and bled together,
Through our false troubles
forged everlasting memories
bound forever to our hearts.
Bow to all the world,
your audience adores you,
then embrace the cast.
:icon80jumpo:80jumpo 2 0
Kougaiji by 80jumpo Kougaiji :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 10 4 Ry-calibur by 80jumpo Ry-calibur :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 3 2 Neko-kun by 80jumpo Neko-kun :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 1 3 Asaru- for Aurosai by 80jumpo Asaru- for Aurosai :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 1 1 Angelic Layer Announcer by 80jumpo Angelic Layer Announcer :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 8 3 Secret Ranger 2: SpiritStar by 80jumpo Secret Ranger 2: SpiritStar :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 1 3 Giles--The Crucible by 80jumpo Giles--The Crucible :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 1 5 Part of English Project by 80jumpo Part of English Project :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 0 4 Gamer by 80jumpo Gamer :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 3 3 2p!Hetaquest MaskedMan by 80jumpo 2p!Hetaquest MaskedMan :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 0 0 Raichu by 80jumpo Raichu :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 3 0 A Match Made by Anime by 80jumpo A Match Made by Anime :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 19 13 Blue Daisy by 80jumpo Blue Daisy :icon80jumpo:80jumpo 19 7


Mountain by Overweight-Cat Mountain :iconoverweight-cat:Overweight-Cat 972 42 Where the streets have no name. by breathinfreedom Where the streets have no name. :iconbreathinfreedom:breathinfreedom 1,931 194
Mature content
Breaking the Habit - Chp2: Dependence :iconhitantenshi:HitanTenshi 17 19
To Call Your Name - Chapter 1: Casualties
A/N: Inspiration for this struck like lightning, and one should, in turn, strike while the iron is hot, so here is the first chapter. Subsequent chapters may take longer because I have two crossover fics running right now that take priority (Nowhere is Safe and An Unsound Soul – feel free to check them out ^_^).
UPDATE: I HAVE NOW DONE MORE RESEARCH INTO THE TIMELINE OF THE MANGA, SO THIS STORY BEGINS IN THE FALL OF 1908, AT WHICH POINT THE ISHVALAN WAR HAS NOT CONCLUDED. Hence, I will be making some edits to the published chapters so that all of the timing is accurate.
Chapter 1
"Do you think Resembool will have changed much since we left for Dublith with Teacher?"
"What do you mean, 'mm'? Are you even listening to me, Ed?"
:iconhitantenshi:HitanTenshi 13 28
Brooklyn Bridge by takmaj Brooklyn Bridge :icontakmaj:takmaj 6,677 755 Organization XIII by sorariku09x Organization XIII :iconsorariku09x:sorariku09x 86 23 [LingxLan Fan] Bodyguard ep1 page1 by warningyou [LingxLan Fan] Bodyguard ep1 page1 :iconwarningyou:warningyou 68 5 Fai D. Flourite Demot by ColressLawliet Fai D. Flourite Demot :iconcolresslawliet:ColressLawliet 86 94 Greece Demot by ColressLawliet Greece Demot :iconcolresslawliet:ColressLawliet 85 37 Xigbar's Arrowguns by vvmasterdrfan Xigbar's Arrowguns :iconvvmasterdrfan:vvmasterdrfan 912 354 Commission: Loyalty by Mikeinel Commission: Loyalty :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 5,181 209 Yu-Gi-Oh! by DanyeleSummers Yu-Gi-Oh! :icondanyelesummers:DanyeleSummers 168 16 hetaoni - together by rainbowstone hetaoni - together :iconrainbowstone:rainbowstone 719 57 FMA- Battling Envy by lychi FMA- Battling Envy :iconlychi:lychi 4,179 246 Motivational: everybody loves Tamaki by SexyAussieKirkland Motivational: everybody loves Tamaki :iconsexyaussiekirkland:SexyAussieKirkland 219 115 FMA Homework Demotivational by AlphaMoxley95 FMA Homework Demotivational :iconalphamoxley95:AlphaMoxley95 476 43


As of the writing of this journal, it has been almost 2 1/2 years since I updated this account. I was about to be a senior in high school.

Since then, a lot of things have changed. Calculus AP was terrible and took over my life completely. When I started college, and because of a hectic schedule me taking hard classes and lots of classes, I really didn't have a lot of time to draw or do anything for myself. But now I've managed to rid myself of most of the time management habits that prevented me from doing fun things, and I'm ready to start again.

During this long absence I changed my tumblr account, and the url that I use there has become the new, much more marketable, username for most of my stuff. So I figured that since I have done almost nothing in the past few years on this account, that this new start should be on a separate, clean account.

Here's a link to my new DeviantArt.

This account isn't going to be deactivated; I want to keep a record of what I've done, unfinished fanfic regardless. But if you want to see anything new from me, it will be at

Thanks for sticking around.


The Best
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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